Welcome to Imprimis:

Imprimis Inc. is a cybersecurity and space technology Technical Professional Services Corporation. An overview of our capabilities and business is outlined below.

Who we are and What we Do . . .

Imprimis was started in 2004 and supported government customers in two major areas: defense training and engineering. We’ve evolved over the years and today have a robust business in cybersecurity, active in executive level education and training, and supporting various space programs to include Space Situational Awareness (SSA) instrumentation and small satellites.   cybersecurityRMICompliance2Picsm

Cybersecurity Risk Management & Compliance:


Advanced Technology / Space:

The space business includes the development of advanced instrumentation to measure plasma which in turn allows the identification of thruster plumes. A number of these instruments have been successfully implemented and tested on the International Space Station (ISS). Imprimis is also responsible for building small satellites to include all electronics and mechanical systems through strategic alliances with the Air Force.



Cybersecurity – Why it is important to your business TODAY !

Cybersecurity is everyone’s problem and everyone’s responsibility. At the end of 2016, there were 326 million Americans. Of these, 287 million “went to the internet” with a computer or mobile device. That is 88% of all Americans including infants and senior citizens! At the same time there were about 2.8 million trained IT professionals in the US. So, about 1 % were trained in IT and only a small fraction of the IT professionals is trained in security. Hackers, thieves, and state actors all see the U.S. as a “target rich environment”.So, if freedom to continue using IT devices is important to you – and it should be – then the responsibility must be shared by every citizen, organization, and government. We not only have to protect ourselves and our businesses against criminal cyber activity, but we must also accept the responsibility for keeping our internet and communications connections safe with our customers, stakeholders, personnel, and business partners by practicing good cyber-hygiene.The core competencies of cybersecurity include basics like;

  • access control

  • network security (on-premises, cloud, and virtual)

  • endpoint protection

  • application security, and encryption

The standards being promulgated by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) cover the core competencies and add process and procedural elements to improve security. However, organizations not compelled to implement standards should still implement the basic core competencies or best practices.Imprimis has developed three Cybersecurity programs for this purpose. They provide the core competencies of cybersecurity and lay a foundation for future compliance efforts as they are required.We Adapt to our Customers . . .Imprimis recognizes that every business is unique. Even businesses of the same size in the same business vertical are very different and have different needs, policies, cultures and approaches to their business. They also have different capability sets where some may have experienced IT and information security personnel, others outsource their IT and some very small companies may have no IT support at all.Imprimis believes in adapting to the needs of our clients in one of, or a combination of, the following ways:

  1. We provide ‘do it yourself’ templates and tools to assist our clients that plan to undertake the compliance effort by themselves. These are very cost effective and save a great deal of labor for our clients.
  2. Imprimis can work with your company as a ‘team’ by using the Imprimis Express Packages which quickly allow completion of the planning phase of the compliance project. The Express packages include NIST 800-181 Assessments, Policies and Procedures (P&P), the System Security Plan (SSP), the Incident Response Plan (IRP), and the Plan of Actions & Milestones (POA&M). The client then decides on an approach to remediation implementation: use internal staff, Imprimis services, another third party, or any combination that fits their needs. Imprimis will provide as much or as little remediation support as the client wants and needs. Once compliance is achieved, Imprimis is available to provide the needed sustainment support to include continuous monitoring, vulnerability scanning and management, training, incident response, CISO services and ongoing advisory.
  3. The third option is the Imprimis “turn-key” process where the client commits to the entire program up front. In this scenario, Imprimis will quickly develop a POA&M and complete remediation and then move the client into sustainment. If desired, Imprimis will continue to support the client in sustaining their compliance. While bringing the client into compliance Imprimis will provide all documentation required including the completed final assessment, P&P, SSP, IRP, and a detailed “audit book” to support the new CMMC.
  4. Finally, Imprimis provides consulting whenever required by our clients. This support can apply to strategic planning or technology and cybersecurity advisory. Considering cybersecurity requirements during the acquisition of new technology is always recommended to avoid buying technology that does not support the client’s overall cybersecurity plan.

Inquiries and Follow-up:

If you're currently a small business with a definite need to secure you local IT and communications networks, or develop a more comprehensive cybersecurity policy and procedures posture in preparation for a DFARS or CMMC assessment or audit, (as a larger government contractor, (prime or sub), or as a participant with a defense related contract as a supply-chain partner), Imprimis has a program for you, and would welcome the opportunity to assist you in your compliance requirements. 

If you would like more information about our unique Products, Services and Solutions for Cybersecurity Risk Managment and Compliance...  use the Contact Us button below to fill out an online Inquiry form and an Imprmis representative will contact you.