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What are the Major Advantages of the i2ACT-800?

Originally, the i2ACT-800 was developed as a productivity tool to reduce the time required for assessments.  It was very successful at streamlining the process and minimizing labor.  But the tool has evolved resulting in three major benefits:
  1. Productivity Enhancement: The tool speeds the process and allows collaboration with multiple staff members, so assessments take a fraction of the time they previously did;
  2. Learning and Training: The tool contains many references and explanations of the cybersecurity requirements which allows first-time assessors to spin up in much less time and work with far greater accuracy, and allows experienced assessors to increase the depth of their knowledge; and
  3. Document Management System: Assessing and demonstrating compliance requires a great deal of record keeping from policies and procedures to screen shots of settings, scans, logs, and other sources of information that demonstrate compliance. All such documents are contained permanently in the database in a logical easily access file system for auditor, future assessments and training.

Benefits and Features

  • The tool is ideal for small to medium businesses, subcontractors and supply chain vendors who are required to comply with DFARS 252.204-7012 and NIST 800-171 only
  • Provides for documenting compliance and allows for inclusion of vulnerability scans and other artifacts into the assessment database
  • Reporting features such as assessment worksheets, compliance status, remediation actions and the ability to export to spreadsheet format
  • Intuitive user interface requiring little or no training
  • Includes the NIST 800-171A assessment guidance, the NIST Handbook 162 guidance for NIST 800-171, and the NIST 800-53A guidance for the referenced NIST 800-53 controls to assist the user in their compliance effort
  • Updated as regulations and requirements change

Below is an Opening Screen from the CMMC Level 1 Tool:


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