About Imprimis, Inc.

"Turning Technology into Capability"


About Imprimis:

Imprimis, Inc. (i2) was founded in 2004 and original programs included modeling and simulation of the Missile Defense Agency, extensive training programs based on the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) model, engineering programs in space and energy, and information technology design, implementation, and support projects. 
Today Imprimis specializes in cybersecurity technology as well as cyber risk management and compliance, training, space technology, and advanced engineering. Imprimis recognizes that successful use of technology requires strong leadership setting the foundation through policy and governance, strong programs to manage and support the behavior of the people operating the system, and finally the selection and implementation of the right equipment and software for each individual organization and situation. It is in this manner that Imprimis is able to claim the motto of 'turning technology into capability.'

History of Imprimis, Inc.

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Imprimis history begins in 2004 performing modeling and simulation, analysis, and training within the missile defense community and providing IT services in the commercial sector. Today the company is embracing a vibrant future in cybersecurity and space.
Imprimis principals have a long history in technology development and commercial deployment after decades of experience in developing various businesses in energy, information technology, manufacturing, and advanced instrumentation and selling a successful business to a corporate fortune 500 company in the aerospace industry.
Major experiences of the principals include: designing the CAD/CAM system for the B2 bomber, the initiation of the EDGAR program for the SEC, building totally automated factories for Morton Thiokol, Caterpillar, and developing manufacturing control designs for Ford Motor Company.  Imprimis principals have managed and arranged funding for a number of high-tech start-up companies.