DIY Policy and Procedure Template

Overview of P&P Template...


DIY Policy & Procedures (P&P):

The Imprimis, Inc. DIY P&P template is NIST 800-171 focused.  Our Express P&P Package will be designed to include the CMMC requirements (more information under "Solutions").


The 'Do it Yourself'  Policy and Procedures (P&P) template is designed to serve as a template for developing Policies and Procedures (P&P) suitable for your organization and IT network.
These P&P are structured to help you achieve compliance with all Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 252.204-7012 and NIST SP 800-171 requirements, and are organized into sections, each representing one of the 14 requirements families documented within NIST SP 800-171. Each section contains the related family policies, sub-policies, and procedures required to achieve compliance with those specific NIST SP 800-171 requirements. All related NIST SP 800-53 controls are identified and referenced.
This template is intended to be used as a guide. Before using, companies should review each policy and procedure thoroughly and then edit as appropriate to fit their specific organizational structure and information system design.
Companies deriving policies from the P&P template have found it to be more efficient than drafting and coordinating policies from scratch.
The document upon delivery, before personalization, is 68 pages long.
Each policy/sub policy offers mapping details to referenced 800-171 requirements and 800-53 controls.