i2ACT-800 PRO Cybersecurity Software Tool

Overview of the NIST 800-53 Assessment Tool


i2ACT-800 PRO Cybersecurity Software Tool **

The i2ACT-800 PRO product includes all the tools and features from the i2ACT-800s for NIST 800-171r1 for DFARS Subparts 204.73 and 239.76.  It additionally provides support for all NIST 800-53r4 controls and standards based on NIST 800-53r4, DSS AAPM, FIPS, ICS, and ICNSS 1253.
UPDATE: This tool is being updated and will become knonw as the i2ACT 800 PRO| NIST/RMF – Enterprise Tool (DoD Gov/Prime) and will be released in Q2 2023.  Stay tuned for updates on this complete NIST 800-53 Professional Tool for DoD Governments and Prime Contractors.
UPDATE: As of 2022 we have been working on the development and upgrade of our i2ACT 800 Tool set to accommmodate CMMC 1.0 and now CMMC 2.0 Feature sets.  For a more detailed overview of the new i2ACT CMMC | Level 1 and 2 products, you can refer to this page: CMMC 2.0 - i2ACT CMMC | Levels 1 and 2 Overview
** Version 4.0 of i2ACT 800 PRO is being updated, and will include the recently mandated DoD CMMC 2.0 requirements.**

Below is a sample screen shot from the Opening Menu for the i2ACT-800 Pro Tool:


Benefits and Features

  • Provides standards, guidelines and practices from NIST 800-53r4, 800-53Ar4, 800-171r1, 800-171Ar1, the NIST Handbook 162, DSS AAPM, FIPS, ICS sand ICNSS 1253; and soon will include the CMMC requirements
  • Includes baselines and overlays for the NIST 800-53r4 controls for the various standards
  • Allows for risk management tailoring of FIPS and ICNSS 1253 control sets
  • Allows the user to tailor a new baseline, add it to the library of baselines, and share it with satellite locations or subcontractors and supply chain vendors
  • Reporting features such as assessment worksheets, compliance status, remediation actions and the ability to export to spreadsheet format
  • Provides for documenting compliance and allows for inclusion of vulnerability scans and other artifacts into the assessment database
  • Intuitive user interface requiring little or no training
  • Includes the NIST 800-53A guidance for the referenced NIST 800-53 controls, the NIST 800-171A assessment guidance, and the NIST Handbook 162 guidance for NIST 800-171 to assist the user in their compliance effort
  • Updated as regulations and requirements change


Below is a screen shot from the NIST 800-53 Assessment Item (From the i2ACT-800 Pro Tool):