Cybersecurity Services

Complete Cyber Monitoring, Vulnerability Scanning, Remediation, Incident Response, and Interim CISO / Risk Manager Services...

Cyber Compliance Services:


Compliance Life Cycle graphic


Through the Cyber Compliance Center, Imprimis offers the following cybersecurity compliance services:


Imprimis provides NIST 800-171 Assessment packages which combine the i2ACT-800s compliance tool with a complete assessment which can be performed either onsite or remotely.  The packages offer a fast and cost-effective solution to cybersecurity compliance needs.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scans are recommended sometime during the assessment process so that vulnerabilities can be identified and addressed during the remediation process. 


During remediation, all items flagged as non-compliant or partially-compliant and system vulnerabilities will be addressed and corrected. Supporting compliance documentation will also be updated. 

Red Team Validation 

An independent, objective Red Team validation is recommended following the NIST 800-171 assessment and remediation process.
  • Reviews the status of all DFARS requirements and assessment artifacts.
  • Annotates any areas of non- or partial compliance.
  • Provides a gap analysis report of findings, explanations and recommendations.
  • Produces a remediation plan identifying all necessary hardware, configuration and process additions/modifications and training required.

Penetration Testing 

Penetration tests are recommended after the assessment and remediation process to ensure compliance with the Defense Industrial Base-Information Sharing and Analysis Center (DIB-ISAC) CyberVerify requirements as due diligence and to further validate the strength of a company‚Äôs cybersecurity posture. 


  • Vulnerability Scans (Periodic)
  • Monitoring
  • Incident Response & Forensic Analysis
  • Interim Chief Information Security Officer / Risk Manager Services
  • Advisory Service