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With the i2 Consulting Service we align your organization’s unique security challenges with your short and long term business objectives to facilitate the development of a robust technology and security program.  These consultative solutions cover all aspects of technology strategic planning, as well as tactical implementation programs creating strong, compliant and sustainable security policies and procedures.
consultservicespicImprimis provides a broad spectrum of consulting services as shown to the right.  These services include strategic planning, governance, technology advisory for both IT technology and the implications of operational technology - from machine tools to cloud-based enterprise resource management systems. Imprimis has personnel with cybersecurity certifications (CISSP, etc.) and personnel with years of operational and planning experience in private and public corporations and government institutions.
Imprimis offers cybersecurity compliance expertise for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements, NIST 800-171, NIST 800-53 to include the DSS DAAPM requirements for classified systems.

Strategic Planning:

Understanding the organization’s mission and objectives, Imprimis consultants can identify the enablers and needs and plan a progressive approach for their achievement. This will necessarily include the information technology used to support the strategic elements and the information security management program and system to ensure success.

Risk Analysis:

An important element of planning and developing an information security management system is identifying the threats which the organization faces and assessing the impact and likelihood of the threats occurring and inflicting damage. This is followed by the design of the defenses through the development of a Business Continuity Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan, and an Incident Response Plan.

Policy and Governance:

One of the most important parts of an information security program is the policy and procedural components. Defining the proper use of technology and training the personnel using the technology is absolutely critical to a successful program.  The overwhelming majority of threats focus on the human element of an organization and, as a result, most successful attacks involve compromising the credentials of personnel that have access and privileges on the system.  Procedural defense is essential.  Procedures are also very important to productivity.

Information Security Program & Management System:

Imprimis will identify the security controls and practices needed to achieve a high level of security and maintain that level indefinitely. The operational objective is an Information Security Management System or ISMS.  The ISMS will be a key function within the organization.

Technology Advisory:

Technology is a key capability of any modern organization and will become a more critical element in the future. Therefore, the selection of technology has major implications on both the strategic objectives and the security of the organization and its systems.  Operational technology needs to be secured within the organization and it brings a number of organic vulnerabilities that need to be removed or neutralized.  Also, security technology varies in effectiveness and    Analyzing these factors during the selection process with Imprimis expertise can avoid expensive and costly mistakes and can lead to the optimization of investment dollars.

Market Growth Analysis:

Those who recognize that secure IT operations are strategically critical for the future and act on their convictions will also realize increased opportunity in the marketplace.  Governments and industry have recognized the need for, and are imposing, cybersecurity standards on all who provide products and services to them.  Imprimis can help identify increased opportunity and help maximize the beneficial impact of investment decisions.


Consulting Services can be purchased by the hour via the i2Compliancetools online store

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