i2CyberStart Program

Commercial Cybersecurity for Small Businesses...



i2CyberStartlogoblueAs small businesses become increasingly dependent on internet-based services and applications, they also become a larger target for cybercriminals looking to exploit vulnerabilities, to steal money and information as well as possibly destroy data and disrupt operations.  As a result, it is crucial for small businesses, small manufacturers, as well as small financial and information/IT consulting firms (who process and manage confidential information for their clients) to take proper cybersecurity measures – to protect their customers, their firms, their partners and their confidential information within.   That is why Imprimis (i2)created  i2CyberStart.

i2CyberStart Program - Commercial Cybersecurity Compliance:

This unique Commercial Cybersecurity Compliance solution is tailored for small businesses that utilize industry standard cybersecurity frameworks (like the NIST CSF), or no cybersecurity framework, and contains several innovative Imprimis Cybersecurity Compliance Essentials, (or what we call “IC2E”) which are customized assessment tools, best practices, and recommendations from our experience in the field with customers solving their cybersecurity challenges.
The i2CyberStart program which is part of our integrated Imprimis Cybersecurity Suite of services, has been designed for commercial businesses not needing to be NIST 800-171 compliant.  i2 recognizes the need for every business to be cybersecure – no company is safe from cyberattacks and all will be targeted.  This program is targeted for small to medium sized businesses, however it dynamically scales up for use with larger commercial enterprises as well.
It ensures that the basic requirements for a minimum level of security are met and allows companies to build on that security as time moves on as their operational and security requirements change.

Cybersecurity Assessment, Planning, Remediation and Sustainment:

The i2CyberStart Program” is designed to provide companies a path to ‘on-ramp’ cybersecurity programs gradually, dramatically reducing cyber risk yet with manageable costs and a foundation capable of growing to strong mature cybersecurity programs. The i2CyberStart Program allows Imprimis to carefully guide a company through 4 primary stages of cybersecurity compliance processes;


i2Cyberstart provides the following key benefits:

  • A rapid evaluation of the current cybersecurity profile of the company focusing on policies and procedures, operational readiness, IT and networking gaps identifying and prioritizing all security needs.
  • A ‘to-be’ network design is identified to dramatically reduce risk for low initial investment .
  • A cybersecurity insurance solution is suggested to round out the company’s risk management program.
  • The solution will be offered through a framework that allows for expansion and growth into more stringent cybersecurity profiles to include cybersecurity standards such as the NIST frameworks and standards, OSI, and others.

The i2Cyberstart Program is Delivered in Four Phases:

Phase 1 – Assessment & Planning

  • Cyber Readiness Report

  • Presentation of Results

  • Recommendations Report

Phase 2 – Policies & Procedures - Gap Analysis and Requirements Definition

  • Initial Customer Interview

  • IC2E Cybersecurity Assessment

  • Network Inspection and Discovery

  • Insurance Underwriting Data

  • Briefing

Phase 3 – Design and Build

  • Design of a “To Be” Network

  • Develop a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M)

  • Cyber Insurance Options and Review

  • Briefing – Design and Plan of Action

Phase 4 – System Build, Implementation and Sustainment

  • Core System Build

  • Core Inspection

  • Documentation

  • Sustainment

  • Management Briefing and Insurance Acquisition