Solutions Overview

i2 Cybersecurity Solutions Overview


Solutions Overview:

i2 Cybersecurity Solutions

offer a highly-structured approach to the cyber compliance process supported by a suite of very effective productivity tools in the form of compliance software programs, i2Express packages, multiple general report templates, and the availability of subject matter experts yield more accurate results in much less time

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The i2ACT-800 PRO and the i2ACT-800s tools provide complete coverage of the NIST 800-171 standard.   moreinfobtnsm

 i2ACT 800 Tools & Policy Templates (DIY) - Templates include all documents, screenshots, and other artifacts   moreinfobtnsm

 i2 CyberStart - Includes Company Profiles, Cybersecurity Assessment, Network Design and Plan of Action, System Build, and Cyber Insurance Options.  moreinfobtnsm

 With the IC2E | Consult Cybersecurity Consulting Service we align your organization’s unique security challenges with your short and long term business objectives.  moreinfobtnsm

 With our i2 Express Packages we take advantage of pre-produced policies and procedures that are integrated with a unique IC2E * planning model. moreinfobtnsm

 With the i2 Sustain Platform, Imprimis provides a full suite of monitoring and sustainment services.   moreinfobtnsm

We deliver Cybersecurity Solutions in a comprehensive “Services Suite” that leverage our IC2E Cybersecurity Compliance Essentials with our industry leading i2ACT-800 Software Tools to perform a complete NIST 800-171 or NIST 800-53 DSS AAPM Assessment.
From here we add our i2 Express Cybersecurity Compliance Packages which deliver the completed Policies and Procedures, Systems Security Plan (SSP), Incident Response Plan (IRP) and Plan of Actions & Milestones (POA&M).  
The process is completed with a full set of recommendations and remediation solutions which can be combined with our Cybersecurity Sustainment Services that include Continuous Monitoring, CISO Services, Vulnerability Scanning and Training for long-term compliance.