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The i2 LMS (Learning Managment System) is a Web-based platform developed and deployed by Imprimis to provide Cybersecurtiy-Oriented Domain-Specific interactive training programs for both the general public as well as its clients enabling flexibile access from their workplace or home at any time. Authorized individuals have 24/7 access to this training through a credentialed User ID and Password.

lmsbestpracticeHow is the i2LMS different?

The i2LMS provides a baseline cybersecurity training platform that can be used by organizations to meet a wide variety of training requirements that meets DFARS, NIST and CMMC compliance requirements for employee and staff training.  By offering both Doman-Specific Training as well as customized Best Practices Training in a wide variety of IT Network Security and Industry Accepted Policies and Procedures the i2LMS will help you and your company manage individual training requirements and provide detailed training progress and completion certificates.

How does the i2 LMS help my company?

The i2LMS enables an organization to effectively train a large group of individuals spread across the company.  With a company account, and individual user login credentials, employees of a company can log into the i2 LMS to access their private training portal that has been specificially set-up for their specific schedule of training programs and rescourse materials.

What are the benefits of the i2 LMS ?

  • It is easy to use and effective for training a large group of people with specific training needs.
  • It allows an organization to deliver quality e-Learning to their entire team cost effectively.
  • It's time-efficient when compared to traditional training methods.
  • Tracking, managing and reporting learner's progress is just keystrokes away with the i2LMS.
  • It is a simple, lightweight, efficient, compatible, low-cost training interface.
  • Session listing shows descriptions for every teaching module on the server, including accessibility to them.

How the i2LMS Platform is Structured:

The i2LMS is set-up to support a limited number of Free Public Courses, as well as Paid, (Subscription Accessible) Trainig that is tailored to the needs of each Imprimis customer.  On the i2LMS Training Portal you can access various course categories and course listings using the top menus, and will be able to have a cutom-tailored company-branded Training Directory Module that will simplify the training access for your employees.