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CTAM Solutions:

Imprimis is developing an advanced intrusion detection system for securing industrial control systems. The system was initially developed under contract to NORTHCOM for the purpose of developing an advanced cybersecurity system to protect DoD assets and maintaining mission readiness. The original CTAM contained three different packet inspecting detection systems and provided anomaly detection and a human interface for the operator.
ctamlogoThe CTAM system has evolved to the point that the system can now provide simultaneous protection of many power generating / distribution systems and integrates the functions of IDSs, SIEM, and threat intelligence sharing capability. The system will also provide geo-threat information in the near future. CTAM is also an ideal threat sharing hub and is being deployed in ISAOs (Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations) at this time.
The system imports data from a large number of sources including ISAOs and thereby, the Department of Homeland Security.  CTAM polls for data on a regular basis ensuring currency in threat intelligence, it eliminates redundancy, prioritizes threats, organizes the threats by industry where appropriate, and then feeds the information to the operator and directly in to security systems.