i2 CMMS Webinar #18 - CMMC 2.0 - Important Updates and Impact on your Business

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Imprimis, Inc. (i2) is pleased to announce the Monthly i2 CMMC Webinar Channel, the goal of which is to offer an industry-focused, online educational resource that provides up-to-date and relevant cybersecurity information regarding the deployment of the CMMC standards and requirements. So join us and tell a friend...

Webinar Overview:

This month on Wednesday November 17th, we will be hosting our 18th Webinar our CMMC. 

Topic: CMMC 2.0 - Important Updates and Impact on your Business

This Month the DoD made some new announcements that will significantly effect the current roll-out of the CMMC program.  The result is a scaling back of the initial CMMC program it rolled out last year to validate the cybersecurity of its suppliers through third-party audits and is halting its implementation until the changes are reviewed and made official. We have important updates to share with our webinar partcipants... Don't miss this month's webinar !  Be sire to register below...

This is the "key takeaway" from the DoD:

“Until the CMMC 2.0 changes become effective through both the title 32 CFR and title 48 CFR rulemaking processes, the department will suspend the CMMC piloting efforts, and will not approve inclusion of a CMMC requirement in DoD solicitations,” reads a notice set to publish Friday in the Federal Register. “The CMMC 2.0 program requirements will not be mandatory until the title 32 CFR rulemaking is complete, and the CMMC program requirements have been implemented as needed into acquisition regulation through title 48 rulemaking.”

So join us this month for the i2 CMMC Webinar for a "Deep Dive" on the new impending CMMC 2.0 changes, and get best practices and tips from our cyber security professionals on what you need to do to prepare for these changes...   Our Webinar's are free and we have plenty of room so tell a friend !

The Agenda is as follows: (Draft To Be Updated)

  • Introductions
  • Webinar Lineup
  • CMMC Status and Activity
  •  The New CMMC 2.0 Update
    • Why are these changes being made ?
    • Why is the DoD making these changes now ?
    • How will this impact your business and compliance activities ?
  • Q&A and Discussion
  • Wrap-up & Intro to Webinar #19
  • Adjourn

Please join us and let us know the topics or questions important to you.

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November 17th, 2021 10:00 AM   through   11:00 PM

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