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Release Notice Version 3.6.2


Imprimis is pleased to announce the release of the i2ACT-800 v3.6.2. This release includes support for Access 2016 for environments where is it not feasible to upgrade to Access 2019 (which was the focus of i2ACT-800 v3.6.1). i2ACT-800 v3.6.2 supports Access 2016 32-bit C2R (and Access 2016 included in Office 2016 32-bit C2R) and Access 2016 64-bit MIS (included in volume licenses for Access 2016 64-bit MSI and Office 2016 64bit MSI).
The major difference between the Access 2019 and Access 2016 editions of i2ACT-800 are the graphing facilities.
  • The Access 2016 editions of i2ACT-800 PRO and i2ACT-800s support the older graphing facility available in Access 2016. 
  • The Access 2019 editions of i2ACT-800 PRO and i2ACT-800s support the new, modern graphing facility in Access 2019.
  • In addition, v3.6.2 includes some minor cosmetic changes and fixes.

Release Notice Version 3.6.1

Imprimis is pleased to announce the release of the i2Act-800 (v3.6.1). Although this release includes noticeable cosmetic improvements, the great majority of development was focused on the transition of the i2ACT from traditional or soon to be legacy versions of Microsoft operating systems to the new. Specifically, Microsoft is simultaneously migrating users from 32-bit office products to 64-bit applications, and at the same time is moving to Click-to-Run (CTR) from the legacy Microsoft Installer (MSI). CTR is a cloud-based deployment of software best illustrated by the Office 365 software installations.

Release Notice Version 3.6

i2ACT-800 PRO AND i2ACT-800s Imprimis, Inc. is pleased to announce the new release (v3.6) of the i2ACT-800 PRO and i2ACT-800s cyber security compliance tools. The i2ACT-800 PRO update complies with DFARS Subparts 204.73, 239.76 and contains all 970 NIST 80053r4 controls, enhancements; 800-53A, and the Defense Security Service Assessments and Authorization Process Manual (DSS AAPM) enhanced 800-53 controls.

Imprimis, Inc (i2) announces a strategic partnership with Polaris Alpha to provide risk management, compliance and cybersecurity services nationwide. With this partnership, the team of Polaris Alpha and Imprimis can support a full range of contractors or other organizations from small to very large.

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