Imprimis, Inc (i2) announces a strategic partnership with Polaris Alpha to provide risk management, compliance and cybersecurity services nationwide. With this partnership, the team of Polaris Alpha and Imprimis can support a full range of contractors or other organizations from small to very large.

The requirement for cybersecurity risk management and compliance is demanded by the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement, specifically DFARS 207.73 and 252.704-7012 for all contractors working for the Department of Defense. The deadline for achieving compliance is December 31, 2017, and compliance must be maintained thereafter. In addition, all government contractors are required by the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR 52.204-21) to comply NIST 800-171, currently with a subset of requirements and soon in its entirety.

With the explosion of cybercrime, all businesses will soon need to manage the growing risk and embrace cybersecurity as the fiduciary responsibility it is. Eric Schlesinger, Polaris Alpha Chief Information Security Officer said, “We see the need for cybersecurity to be increasing very rapidly as the threat grows. Polaris Alpha is making a significant contribution in this area and we leverage the Imprimis cyber compliance tools because they are well suited for this purpose.” “We are very pleased to be partnered with an outstanding firm like Polaris Alpha,” said Michael Semmens, President of Imprimis. “This partnership allows us to support organizations of any size anywhere within the United States and beyond.”

About Imprimis, Inc. (i2)   Imprimis, Inc. is a technical professional services organization dedicated to supporting government and private businesses with cybersecurity risk management and compliance support, cybersecurity technology, training, and space based sensor technology.;

About Polaris Alpha (“Polaris”)   Polaris provides advanced technical capabilities, specialized domain expertise, and mission critical solutions to Department of Defense and Intelligence Community customers. Polaris has approximately 1,300 employees with major offices in Colorado Springs, CO; Fredericksburg, VA; Annapolis Junction, MD; Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD; and Alexandria, VA as well as customer sites both domestically and internationally. For further details on its customers and capabilities, please visit its website at