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Here you will find a "Direct Connection" to the talented SME's of Imprimis... (a.k.a "Subject Matter Experts") who are our in-house cyber security specialists operating on the front lines for Cyber Security Assessment, Remediation and Sustainment... 

On the CyberDeck we will post a weekly blog or a series of posts spanning multiple days or weeks covering a cybersecurity topic of interest that we will not only "introduce" to you... we will do a "deep dive" on it as well... diving into the details and into the weeds... because that's where the true wisdom comes from.  Gaining a complete understanding of all angles of a challenging cybersecurity policy or procedure...

So What is a CyberDeck ?

In keeping with the origins of the word "cyberdeck" and to pay homage to the original use of it in a literary sense...

cyber- +‎ deck, coined by William Gibson in Neuromancer (1984).

cyberdeck (plural cyberdecks)
(science fiction) A piece of equipment that can be temporarily connected to the user's brain as an interface to cyberspace.

The Imprimis "CyberDeck" Blog
A "Direct Connection" to the Imprimis Cybersecurity Team where you can frequently "jack" into information such as engaging articles and best practice reviews of some of the tips and techniques used by the Imprimis Cybersecurity Team as they continiously battle "hackers and bad actors" in the Cyber "Warfare" Arena...


Stay tuned for our first series of Blog Posts in the coming weeks... !