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The cyber domain simultaneously portends tremendous opportunity for increased capability and productivity, and a spectrum of threats and risks that threaten every business. This is especially true for small to medium sized businesses (SMB). These businesses are known for their great innovation and creativity, agility, and efficiency but not for their great reservoir of resources – especially financial resources.

Nonetheless, every small business has a fiduciary responsibility to manage the risks associated with the cyber domain. So, what are these risks? Are they losses from cyberattacking which is now an everyday occurrence? Are they hidden liabilities? Are they regulations that if not met can result in fines or disqualification? Or is it the risk of falling behind the competition? The answer, of course, is all the above.

So, what is the right approach for small businesses? Well, in a word, start. First recognize that your capability in the cyber domain must become a key competency. Define the cyber capability that you need for your business – today and in the future. Then devise and implement a plan that allows a reasonable on-ramp with a blueprint or framework that allows your cyber capability to grow with the company’s needs in the market place.


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The i2 Risk Management Radar Blog Series:

In this blog series, over the next 3 months, I will be addressing a wide variety of cybersecurity risk, risk managememt, remediation, insurance and compliance topics.  Through the "i2 Risk Management Radar" as I am calling it... I will be providing a "deeper dive" for the small to medium sized business manager, or executive who is ultimately responsible for their companies risk management profile and status. 

Through a series of technical briefings, expanded white papers, and my experience as a cybersecurity professional... I hope to deliver to you helpful, expanded perspectives on an number of cybersecurity technology topics, policy & procedures best practices, in-the trenches remediation tips and techniques, and long term cybersecurity life-cycle and maturity models that every business will need to adopt and maintain.

So when you see my animated "I2 Risk Management Radar Banner" (above) on the CyberDeck Blog page... this will be my continuing cybersecurity blog series...

Here are some of the categories I will be covering in the weeks and months to come:

  • Cyber Risks
  • Cyber Risk Management
  • Cyber Remediation
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Cyber Compliance
  • Cybersecurity Standards
  • Cyber Compliance Tools
  • Cyber Management & Culture


So, look for my first i2 Risk Management Radar post this week !


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Michael Semmens
President, Imprimis, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO

About Michael Semmens:

Michael Semmens is a former Corporate VP at BDM International, a corporation eventually acquired by Northrop Grumman Corporation. At BDM Mr. Semmens was responsible for developing and managing business divisions in energy, information technology, manufacturing, and advanced instrumentation. Major programs included designing the CAD/CAM system for the B2 bomber, the initiation of the EDGAR program for the SEC, building totally automated factories for Morton Thiokol, Caterpillar, and developing manufacturing control designs for Ford Motor Company. He also was responsible for the state and local IT outsourcing business. Mr. Semmens has also managed and arranged funding for a number of high-tech start-up companies. He was named Engineer of the Year in New Mexico, received the R&D 100 Award, and Leadership in Education from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.