Cybersecurity Risk - Defined, Described, Detailed...

So, let's get started with my first Risk Management Radar Blog post... 

Over the years there has been many definitions of Cybersecurity and the associated Risks that come with not being fully Cybersecurity Aware for small to medium sized businesses !...  Here are a couple of examples:



“Cybersecurity Risk Management” means technologies, practices, and policies that address threats or vulnerabilities in networks, computers, programs and data, flowing from or enabled by connection to digital infrastructure, information systems, or industrial control systems, including but not limited to, information security, supply chain assurance, information assurance, and hardware and software assurance.


From a TechTarget "Essential Guide" Description:

"Risk management" is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats to an organization's capital and earnings. These threats, or risks, could stem from a wide variety of sources, including financial uncertainty, legal liabilities, strategic management errors, accidents and natural disasters. IT security threats and data-related risks, and the risk management strategies to alleviate them, have become a top priority for digitized companies. As a result, a risk management plan increasingly includes companies' processes for identifying and controlling threats to its digital assets, including proprietary corporate data, a customer's personally identifiable information and intellectual property.

Do you have a Risk Management Plan for your business ?



Imprimis as developed a product line and framework that can support SMB to do just that.  The CyberStart is the initial effort which provides the basics in cybersecurity and corporate cyber insurance.  The cyber basics greatly reduce the risk of a breach and supports the underwriting of insurance.  CyberStart mitigates the risk from cyberattacks and legal liabilities, while supporting a positive profile in the marketplace.  Together, cyber basics and insurance are an effective risk management approach that is affordable for all small businesses.

Beyond the basics, companies will need to comply with industry standards.  The framework established in CyberStart can be expanded to include compliance with standards.  Imprimis has developed a suite of tools and processes that support achieving compliance in the minimum time and cost, and once compliance is achieved, Imprimis provides services required for sustainment. 

If your interested in learning more about the CyberStart solution... allow us to provide a live demonstration the Imprimis system.

About Michael Semmens:

Michael Semmens is a former Corporate VP at BDM International, a corporation eventually acquired by Northrop Grumman Corporation. At BDM Mr. Semmens was responsible for developing and managing business divisions in energy, information technology, manufacturing, and advanced instrumentation. Major programs included designing the CAD/CAM system for the B2 bomber, the initiation of the EDGAR program for the SEC, building totally automated factories for Morton Thiokol, Caterpillar, and developing manufacturing control designs for Ford Motor Company. He also was responsible for the state and local IT outsourcing business. Mr. Semmens has also managed and arranged funding for a number of high-tech start-up companies. He was named Engineer of the Year in New Mexico, received the R&D 100 Award, and Leadership in Education from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.