CMMC 2.0 - Part Deux


As many of our i2 CMMC Webinar viewers, and Imprimis Insider’s know by now… it’s Back to the Future III time in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) World !
Translation: DoD Makes changes for a third time in five years to the cybersecurity DFARS when they modified the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, (CMMC).  We are now officially on CMMC Ver 2.0. 
These changes have introduced a great deal of confusion on what has to be done today and what actions can be deferred.  Also, the scope of the assessments is not totally clear.  Self-assessment versus third-party certification needs to be understood, decided, and included in the planning horizon.
So, for our 1st i2 CMMC Webinar for 2022  (which is scheduled for Wednesday February 23rd at 10:00AM (MST) we’re going to do a comprehensive follow-up or “Part Deux” session to our CMMC 2.0 webinar we did in November 2021 to provide some updated context of the impacts these DoD changes will have on the government contracting community, and how this will affect your NIST/CMMC Assessment and Compliance activities.  The purpose is to help companies develop a plan and strategy for dealing with their cybersecurity compliance requirements which are now part of doing business with the DoD.
So, join our Cybersecurity Professionals this month on February 23rd and we will provide you with an insiders “screening” to this ongoing CMMC 2.0 “B Movie” so you can recognize where the Assessment and Compliance plot changes are, as well as identify both the hero’s and the villain’s as the CMMC movie unfolds.
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Imprimis Insider

insiderlogo1Risk Management and Compliance is a complicated and evolving topic, both at an organizational as well as personal level. Education, training and thought leadership are critical elements of success. We will all benefit by sharing our thoughts and experiences.  
To support these critical missions for everyone, Imprimis has created the "Imprimis Insider" resource page on its website. The page contains links to webinars on compliance and risk management, and webcasts on topics of interest featuing panels, subject matter experts, and thought leaders in the area. Current and recent webinars address DFARS requirements and compliance with NIST 800-171 and CMMC 1.0 and 2.0 and will expand to include other compliance and risk management programs such as, GDPR, healthcare, and others.
The resource is free, but we do ask that you sign-up as a subscriber.  You will be able to set-up a user name and login credential to the insider which will allow you to access the Insider from a specialized menu for members.
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