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Welcome to the i2 CMMC Webinar Channel

The i2 CMMC Webinar Channel is offering an industry-focused, online educational resource that provides up-to-date and relevant cybersecurity information regarding the deployment of the CMMC standards and requirements. This information will be shared with interested defense contracting and commercial audiences over the internet through a series of Webinars. The series is constructed to provide an Overview of the CMMC with deeper dives into required documentation and artifacts. Past webinars will be available for review via a free subscription to the Imprimis Insider located on our website.


Initially the Webinars will be offered once per month and will be 30 minutes in length with a 10-minute Q&A. As the topics become more focused, the Webinars may have varying lengths and may be offered twice per month.


 CMMC Review Part 1 of 3:

A Green Paper: Analysis of The DoD Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Soliciting Input and Comments


This month, (during National Cyber Security Awareness Month), and responding to recent developments in the DoD's cybersecurity assessment and certification processes for both governement and civilian commercial companies who do business with the government, I've decided to provide an indepth review of the recently announced DoD initaitive for updating and expanding it's cybersecurity frameworks and standards or what is called the "CMMC".  I'm also extending an offer for my readers, customers, members and alliance partners of Imprmis and the National Cyber Exchange to review our Green Paper, to provide feedback and comments so that we can create a finalized "White Paper Version" in the next 30-60 days so that it can be submitted to the DoD and be a part of the national discussion to help frame and shape the process going forward.


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