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Risk Management and Compliance is a complicated and evolving topic, both at an organizational as well as personal level. Education, training and thought leadership are critical elements of success. We will all benefit by sharing our thoughts and experiences.  
Imprimis has developed a program to support this mission. The program contains webinars on compliance and risk management, and webcasts on topics of interest featuing panels, subject matter experts, and thought leaders in the area. Current and recent webinars address DFARS requirements and compliance with NIST 800-171 and other standards but will quickly expand to include other compliance and risk management programs such as CMMC, GDPR, healthcare, and others.

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The program will include training for individuals involved in the process including the Cyber Executive, Cyber Citizen, and various others with reponsibility in the compliance effort. We will send an announcement to all Insiders as classes are added to the Imprimis LMS.
We have named the program the 'Imprimis Insider' and we are offering free membership at this time.  The Imprimis Insider members will have unlimited and free access to webinars, podcasts, and the accompanying repository of resources. Online training will be offered through the program and can be added to the member's account. Although some basic training will be free there will be a charge for online classes. These can be purchased as individual classes, in packages, and corporate or group packages will be available. Certificates will be provided for participation in webinars and webcasts and certificates of completion will be provided for all online classes.
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